Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Best Hollywood Story. EVER.

I watched this biography show about actress Lana Turner and it was fantastic. I mean, we think that Tom and Katie not showing Suri off right away is juicy gossip. Try this Baby Drama:

On June 4, 1958, police were called to Turner’s Beverly Hills home to find the actress’s lover, Johnny Stompanato, a minor Los Angeles hood and an associate of the notorious gangster, Mickey Cohen, dead of a stab wound that had punctured his kidney and aorta. Turner’s 14-year-old daughter, Cheryl Crane, had stabbed Stompanato after overhearing him threatening to kill her mother during a domestic dispute. A judge ruled that the incident constituted justifiable homicide, but Cheryl was sent to live with her maternal grandmother. The scandalous publicity failed to break Turner’s professional momentum; ironically, her biggest hit came in 1959 with Imitation of Life, in which she played an ambitious actress who sacrifices her daughter’s affection for the sake of her career. She had another success in 1966, with Madame X.

That's Hollywood, baby.

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