Monday, October 09, 2006

Falling Down.

Last night for the first time in my entire pregnancy I fell. Now, this is a feat unto itself. To go eight months without falling in my book is AMAZING.
Here's how it went down (literally):

I was folding towels while watching a silent film called "Leaves from Satan's Book". I was sitting in my AWESOME glider that Cameron got me and when I was done I put all the towels on the ottoman of the glider, grabbed the laundry basket and put them in the basket and on the couch. Our 'gifted' dog decided to get up at that moment and knock over the towels. I yelled at her and Cameron heard. (I have no patience when it comes to laundry) I then went to reach for the towels (despite Cameron telling me to wait for him to pick them up) and when I went to sit back down I fell in between the ottoman and the glider. I made a really weird, old lady noise. I landed hard on the wood part of the chair.

Cameron runs over and I laugh at the noise I make, but as soon as he goes "ARE YOU OKAY?" I start crying hysterically (and don't stop for maybe a half hour). Penny of course must remain in the middle of everything and at first Cameron is mad at her thinking she had something to do with it. She didn't. She was really concerned (probably because of the noise I initially made).

That is the story of how I fell. It seems to be:


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