Thursday, November 02, 2006

Way too into it.

I'm way to into this whole "The Office" Jim/Pam thing. I find myself cheering them on and booing "Karen". Tonight I found myself accusing her of making him drink to "get into his pants". It may have been the sudafed talking, but I think I'm starting to live in an alternate universe.
Maybe, just maybe it's the whole concept of unrequited love. We've all been there and we all know how bad it hurts. We know how one moment can create an incredible high, only to be let down again by reality. I suppose that's why I'm cheering on this sophisticated version of Sam and Diane from Cheers. I want what's best for them both in this fantasyland.
Or- once again, it could be the Sudafed talking.
P.S. 8 Months pregnant+a cold= YUCK.

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