Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anna Nicole- you're so outrageous.

Is it strange that I want to watch TV about Anna? I had seen a few episodes of her "reality" show a few years ago and one of the lines of the song was "You're so outrageous". How appropriate. Maybe if someone really would have cared for her and stepped into her life (without personal motivation) she wouldn't have lived so outrageously and wouldn't have died so outrageously.
The complete tragedy here is the life of a baby that needs a loving home more than anything.
We're all shaking our heads about her death and then we can't wait for Britney's hair to go on sale. Yikes, people: Same story, different girl.
Stephen King writes a column for Entertainment Weekly and I loved what he had to say in this month's "Pop Of King":
"Maybe there's a part of us that thinks famous people, especially the pretty ones, are like Icarus with his wax and feather wings: doomed to fly too close to the sun and go tumbling down. And maybe, in our secret hearts, we think they deserve to go tumbling down."
If you don't get a little creeped out at the ability of Ryan Seacrest faking sympathy for Anna and then jumping to the startling news of Britney shaving her head-- maybe you have no ability to draw conclusions based on similarities.

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