Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm back, baby.

I haven't blogged on here in forever. My first post was from last week and I just now got around to finishing it and posting it.
For those of you that don't know...
Once upon a time I use to be creative. (Not just in diaper clean up, either.) I was a capable writer. At the very least in my brain I was artsy-fartsy. Especially when I was in college. But that's when we all get artsy-fartsy, isn't it? I had an excellent vocabulary. I watched independent films and read books like nobody's business. I also read the newspaper. The whole thing. Not just the coupons. Even when I met my husband I maintained my abilities. I had love to write about and I wrote everything down to document our romance for our children. We got married and I still blogged. Then I got knocked up. Yep. Not on purpose, either. Despite our best efforts to control such things, we did not. I was embarrassed because we had only been married for four months and this was not in the plans. I cried. I mourned my body. Obviously this was all very selfish and I got over all of this. But it did significantly alter one aspect of my life: I stopped writing. I was too embarrassed to write about being a preggo. Then when Josiah came he didn't give me the time to write. Once he was bigger I did write a little bit at a time but nothing like before. No poetry, no long essays. Maybe humorous blogs on myspace about my cats or exploding diapers at McDonald's.
Now that Mae is here I want to write again. I want to find time to write well. I want to write about faith and life. Mostly my faith. That's what I would write about mostly before. Going over my old writings is encouraging, spiritually. I was good at praising Jesus through the written word. I can do that again. I have to commit to it.
All of my siblings have incredible talents: Andy can draw, paint, sculpt. Aaron can write music and play several instruments. Lauren takes amazing photographs. Sometimes I seem put out of their circle because they are so obviously gifted. But I guess I can join them again if I keep this up. I too can be creative.
Forgive my grammatical errors and spelling mix-ups for awhile. I'm a little rusty. I'll be back on top soon. Whatever that means.


Molly said...

Stumbled across this via fb. I look forward to reading it and hope you find some quiet moments to write.

Unknown said...

Hey thanks! :)
I found a moment to write... it's almost 1 in the morning!