Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Josiah sings

Today I am trying to be more "TV free". I'm home by myself for most of the day with two people who don't talk much. I mean, Josiah talks about dogs and asks "What is it?" nine hundred times, but it doesn't do much for adult conversation. So to compensate I have the TV on almost all day. I clean and eat and do everything else with the constant glow. (I do listen to a little Dr. Laura in the afternoon. What can I say, she has some good advice.) That much TV is bad. Bad for my brain, bad for Josiah's brain, bad for productivity. At this point I have seen just about every episode of Jon and Kate plus 8. I just started watching a month ago. This all leads me to this: I'm listening to Copeland on the computer while Josiah plays next to me. He is singing along. His own version of the words. It's beautiful. He also sways back and forth and waves his hands. He gets this music stuff. When he listens to Foo Fighters he bangs his head. Copeland is not head banging music. Copeland is swaying music. I danced to Copeland with my Dad at my wedding.
I love watching my son grow and appreciate music that his Dad and I love. This music was the "mix tape" that played while we fell in love. My son is weaving in to this story even more by singing his own form of songs.

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