Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Of Pop Stars and Purity Rings.

Three Cheers for the Jonas Brothers. Really. I mean it. These kids wear purity rings in a world where being sexually active or acting sexually are an equivalent to maturity. I heard about what Jordin Sparks said at the VMA awards. I didn't watch it: (Foo Fighters lost anyway to lame-o Linkin Park. That's beside the point... back to purity rings. ) "I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It's not bad to wear a promise ring, because not everybody — guy or girl — wants to be a slut." This was probably fairly offensive to most everybody at the event. The truth hurts, though. Especially if it's about one of the most personal choices a person makes. She may not have chosen her words perfectly (or did she for the right crowd full of pop stars???). Why is it okay to make fun of those who choose self-control over indulgence? To mock something that may help to save a few from the damages of sex- emotionally and physically? Sex isn't bad, kids. We're not preaching that. We're not Puritans. We're Christ-followers. There's a reason we've been told to wait. For the sake of our own hearts.
I waited for my husband and he waited for me. It was as the wise Mr. Cash once sang: A burning ring of fire. Also, as a sagacious Mr. Petty wrote: Waiting is the hardest part. Cameron and I had a difficult time. We struggled. But on our wedding day we had won! It was our time and no one could take that from us. It's a secret that only we know and a lesson that we teach each other every time. No one else. It's the belonging that every human longs for. What about that whole "you don't know if the shoe fits unless you try it on" cliche? It doesn't do justice to the beautiful union between man and wife. It's quite crude, to be honest. I prefer the cliche of practice makes perfect. ;)
So, I had my promise ring before the Jonas Brothers were a twinkling in the eye of Disney. I signed my card 12 years ago. (GEEZ!) It's a promise kept. A promise to Cameron before I knew him. The best gift I ever gave. Maybe Mtv should stop mocking and begin to understand the sanctity of sex. Maybe they should give a special award to pop star who hasn't fallen off the wagon or flashed us... maybe they should appreciate a strong and able person who has made a promise.
This is a rambling blog... that's okay. It's something that I feel strongly about. Not because I can say "HAHA. I was a virgin when I got married. I'm pretty stinkin' HOLY!" But because I know how God wants us to live. He wants us to be healthy and whole. Besides, having sex while married is AWESOME. It's our time together. It's fun. It's only for us. I could be more bold, but this is a G rated blog. :)
So... to the Jonas Brothers and their purity rings! May your lives be blessed by your choices, just as many 12 year olds have been blessed by your cheesy music. :)


Jill Harris said...

You go, Girl! Well said and deeply felt (pardon the potentially sexual overtones...)

Unknown said...

That was a perfect "That's what she said".
I hope you watch "The Office". That's the only reason I would ever say "That's what she said.".