Friday, October 03, 2008

Make your momma proud.

When I was a teenager I saw a video where the band was all dressed up as different people... flight stewardess, captain, little girl, baby, nerd, overweight passengers on a plane. I was smitten with one in particular. Yep. That's where it started. Dave Grohl. *Mwah*. He wasn't high on my list through high school, but if I saw him then yes... I enjoyed, um, looking at him. I was asked in college what type of guy I liked... I said "Nerdy. Unconventional. You know, like Dave Grohl or Rivers Cumo." I also married a huge Foo Fighters fan. I've since become one. Now our son is a HUGE fan. Most kids know Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Big Bird. Not mine. He knows Dave. He asks to watch Foo Fighters videos on the computer on TV. We have their Grammy performance saved (we were there and for a fleeting moment you can see our heads on TV!). Also an awesome night of seeing Jason Bateman. (See picture of Grammy rehearsal above...)He's watching that right now, actually. I'm only typing this little blog a roo because I told him earlier that we were going to the Fender Guitar Museum with Uncle Aaron today. I said "We're going to look at guitars today, are you excited?" He told me: "DAVE!" 
He gets it. He gets that Dave plays guitar (just like Daddy, which Josiah also really enjoys). I laughed and called Cameron to tell him. 
I'm pretty thrilled to take my little rock star to see a few axes at the Fe
nder Museum. :) 

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