Sunday, October 05, 2008

The mighty Meaty!

Our cat Meaty got herself a rat today. A huge male rat about 6 inches long. My barefeet almost found him before my eyes did. I wouldn't normally be impressed by a domestic lioness, but Meaty isn't your average feline. Meaty is FAT. She is the Garfield of our furry family. Maggie is sleek and tall. Grohl is stout and strong. Meaty is what we call the "flap" cat. She can't hardly jump to a window sill and seems unsure in her cat-ness. She is very devoted and loving. She has no athletic ability. She never goes outside. It was an accident that she was even out there. But she managed to bring this rodent to the altar of my back porch. She slayed the dragon. My mom said it was like Lady in "lady and the tramp". Protecting the babies from the malevolent infestor with glowing eyes. I think she's carrying herself a little more confidently. She might even jump a little higher. Balance a little better. She is the Mighty Meaty!

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Jill Harris said...

There is nothing quite like the crunch of a rat skull under your's happened to me! Hail Mighty Meaty!