Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Accessible literature.

I went to the Corona public library and received my library card. I still love the idea of having a library card. As soon as I was old enough I made sure that I had my own. None of this using my mom's library card business! I still have a few of my college cards and maybe one from good old Yucaipa Public Library on 5th Street. Library cards are like a credit card without buyers remorse. I spent a great deal of time in YPL as a kid. We would leave with piles of books. More than enough. Always willing and ready to read whatever we had found. I hadn't been to the library in awhile and finally went today while I was sans Josiah. I had a goal to find a couple Stephen King books: Danse Macabre and On Writing. They aren't fictional horror. Actually, they are more like textbooks or autobiographical reflections and instruction on writing. I must have looked like a strange mix of "fanboy" and crazy mom. Lugging Mae around in her carrier (the stoller was not in the car), wearing a Foo Fighters hoodie and carrying a pile of Stephen King books (not even the fun ones!). I lobbed us into the Children's section to find a few good reads for Josiah. Mostly plucking from the tops of shelves seeing as I was not totally mobile. The library was packed to say the least. It's a great spot- a beautiful salt water aquarium and book shaped fountain by the entrance. Kind librarians. Perhaps Madame Librarian? Miriam?
Walking into this place and taking intellectual property with me for free made me appreciate our country. Our ability to access literature of our choosing is remarkable. (Of course some would say not everything can be found in the library... perhaps it would be more appropriate out of the reach of children?) What a strange idea actually. How often have I taken this privilege for granted? How many dimes have I paid in a pittance for my forgetfulness? How incredible to reach out and find what you are looking for! A building for nothing but learning and experiencing *except that COSMO on the magazine rack*.
To boot I had seen an interview with Mr. King and he said that literature should above all be accessible to all. Not just intellectual fodder (I'm paraphrasing). I couldn't agree more. Everyone should have the right to sit down and read. To enjoy that moment when everything else fades away and you become a part of the story. Right now I'm a survivor of a superflu epidemic and waiting to see if Good trumps evil. Don't worry- I've survived through epidemics before- I read I AM LEGEND. I've been a princess, a southern belle, a wife of a time traveler, a concubine, a doctor, a soldier, a drunk and so many others. I've put on those lives simply by cracking the binding. I owe so much to so many authors. Not just fiction either. Want a life change? Read Messy Spirituality or Blue like Jazz. Want to read true romance? I love You, Ronny. I found a new hero in Johnny Cash's autobiography. What to Expect while you're Expecting is a bedside companion while with child. Even the second time around.
I just suggest sitting down and reading. Enabling your mind to expand in order to let yourself become a better person. That's why I've been writing more often. I've been reading more. One art leads to another. Not that blogging is an art.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic”
- Stephen King

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