Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The braid in my hair makes it obvious.

I just got back from Mae's first vaccine. The only shot she's had before was at birth when she got a vitamin k shot. I had to explain to a new (very kind and informative) set of doctors and nurses that I am rejecting conventional wisdom and using an alternative vaccine schedule. I felt to a certain degree like the doctor in his warm voice was trying to talk me off the ledge. Just like when I had to convice the pediatrician in the hospital that my milk had come in and Mae would not be flushing out her jaundice with the help of similac. Thank you very much. I would have had an all natural birth with Mae had she not been sideways in the womb! I co-sleep with both my children. That's why my hubby bought is a king sized bed! Just to be clear: I am not an uninformed person about medical problems or solutions. I read all things medical if it pertains to my life in a way. I also believe that God put good wholesome things in our earth to make us better. Those things can be found at expensive stores like Henry's and Clark's! We do not need an onslaught of chemicals. We need whole foods and good oils. I give Josiah omega oils and DHa everyday. It's improved his listening and temperment. I do know that we are blessed to live in this age of medical advancement. All of this leads to me saying that I'm apparently a hippie mom. I even have my hair parted. Down the middle and braided on one side to prove it. I am trying every day to buy more eco-friendly cleaning products and hygiene items. I re-use bags. I turn out the lights. I drive an old Honda. I have two recycle bins. I just find it odd that when it comes to children's health, being a hippie is backwards rather than forward thinking and green. You're actually seen more as one of those weird fundamentalists who make up their own curriculum for home school if you choose to not follow the American pediatric's association. Breastfeeding is looked at as being odd to people. I nursed Josiah until he weaned himself at 14 months. The dirtiest look I ever got was from a grown woman at gourmet pizza kitchen while I breastfed Josiah. All you could make of the situation was his little feet kicking from under the receiving blanket. I stuck my tongue out at her. This isn't a terribly thought out blog. I'm typing on my blackberry and holding my daughter. I just thought I'd type out a few of my thoughts on parenting. Now I'm off to make dinner. Maybe tofu and organic veggies? :)

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