Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sex and the city... Really women? REALLY?

I'm home, sick on the couch. Channel surfing is proving fruitless. I could read my book, I really should. It's an overwhelming read. I did turn on TBS and sex and the city is on. I have so many questions about the popularity of this show. How is this the show that has captured so many girls? How is this the pinnacle of great television writing? Why would you want to be anything like any of these women? Am I missing something? This show is awful. The writing is a teleplay of a cringe worthy romance novel. Sorry to step on your Jimmy cho clad toes. Is it good because it's edgy and sexual? Or is it the idea of living in Manhattan with the never ending wardrobe? Aren't these women just as empty and lonely as any one else despite their liberation and sexual prowess? What a phoney world. I will have to say that their friendships are impressive. Loyalty is tough to find. Even tougher among a group of women. I just can't stand the idea that maturity and equality is sexual at the base. I can't buy that. Especially when women are buying cocktails in designer clothes in NYC and their main topics are sex and clothing. It's absolute redonkulacity. (as Cameron would say). Women should feel a little set back for this shallow impression of what women should be. Blech. I'm ready to read now...

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