Thursday, March 19, 2009

hear the bells ringing

When I was in 9th grade I read a book that changed my life: No Compromise: The Life of Keith Green. I was a little late in being a part of the Jesus Freak movement... but at least I could read about it!
This book helped to fuel the fire of me truly dedicating my life to Jesus. I had been a Christian since I was 4 and as a teenager I really wanted to be a shining light for Christ. I discovered the book on a shelf somewhere in my old home church. It was an older copy with Keith Green on the cover. I thought "I have to read this story about this afro'd man!" I picked it up and for a couple weeks carried it with me everywhere, read it and re-read it. I started listening to Keith's music and found a timeless form of worship. His piano playing was incredible. I hesitate to compliment the man himself because he didn't like that- he wanted it to be all about Jesus. Keith Green and his wife, Melody impacted my life on the most basic of levels. Reading that book changed my Christian walk. That's only a few books that have done that for me. Maybe I'll list them heres someday.

Cameron has a co-worker named Julie who is very sweet. I see her every few months when I come by the office. She loves to see the kids and visit for a bit (plus she always has candy out by her desk!) She use to work with Keith Green at his ministry offices. Yesterday we came to the Refinery for lunch with Sydney and JD and we stopped by the office to see Cameron. I was talking to Julie and she looks at Josiah and says "You know who he reminds me of?" "Who?" "Keith Green's Josiah." I didn't remember that his son was named Josiah. This really hit a soft spot in my heart. Josiah died in the plane crash that killed his father and sister. He was 3.

I dropped Josiah off at my parent's house yesterday and have been alone with Mae all day doing housework. I finally stopped and wanted to find a picture of Josiah Green. His little face made me cry. He doesn't look exactly like my Josiah- but his blonde messy curls do. Looking at Keith Green's pictures and reading about his legacy has given me a renewed sense of purpose in my life. Just in one short afternoon. I've been listening to my favorite songs with Mae. I really feel like I should write a note to Melody Green and let her know that my life was changed by her and her husband. I also want to tell her there's another little blonde, curly headed Josiah running around who will grow up listening to the music of her late husband and worshipping the Jesus that he loved so much.

**For those of you that don't know who Keith Green is please go here:***

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