Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Gospel according to Josiah.

Lately Josiah has been in more of a mood to copy what I say. I have an incredibly stubborn "do-it-myself" kid. He is not a performer unless it's his idea. Last night I wanted to see if he would pray for our dinner. I asked "Do you want to pray?" He got his hands ready and closed his eyes. Then opened them again and looked at me "Close eyes, Mom!" I had him repeat "Dear Jesus, Thank you for our dinner. We love you." He then improvised this line: "God- good work!" Then he yelled "AMEN!" Cameron and I had a good laugh.
I've been thinking about this statement all day... "Good work." It was so open ended and honest. What could Josiah think was God's handy work? His dogs? His sister? Disneyland? (The other day he did tell me that God made Mickey Mouse) I have always been prepared for his other areas of development- I have been taken aback by his "Spiritual Understanding" He is only 2! That made me think about those who critique faith and have their own disbelief shrouded in a smug attitude about their atheism. How does my 2 year old understand the concept of God? He told me he loved God before he told me he loved me! Eternity is in the hearts of men- or toddlers. He understands that there is something so much bigger than all of this already. That's pretty incredible. At the Grand Canyon he kept saying "WOW. Wow. wow." (down to a whisper) anytime the Canyon came into his eyesight. He told me flat out that God made it. Forget that billions and billions of years for water trickle. On Easter he told us this: "What did you learn in Sunday School?" "About "Jeez"" (That's Jesus). "Oh yeah? What happened?" "Jeez hurt. Killed." "Then what?" "Came back." Simple and honest. It's the Gospel according to Josiah. My heart feels like exploding when I know that my son can repeat this story.
Josiah's first prayer at the dinner table is a simple reminder for all of us. God does do Good work. He has started a good work in all of us and he won't leave it unfinished. So maybe we should all stop and pray and thank God for his "good work". After all "Jeez" came back, right? How great it is to be called Children of God!


Jill Harris said...

Love this story. You are a good writer, Leigh B.

Beth said...

What a great post. God does do good work. Great reminder. You're doing a great job raising a little boy to be a Godly man.

Breaker said...

This is beyond my favorite blog i have ever read. I might have teared up a little.
I love you Leigh!