Sunday, May 17, 2009


My little Mae is getting bigger all the time. Since I often blog about Josiah (it's just easier to write about funny toddler sayings), I figured it was her turn. Here's a few of her most recent activities:

She is a master crawler. She will crawl like nobody's business. Especially if she is after a cat or dog. 

She cruises. She wants to walk like her big brother so bad. 

She let me paint her toenails. Girly-girl in the making.

She knows Mama and Dada. She loves to say Dada. She can make him do anything if she does. 

She can say cat and num-num. 

She has a major temper. Yikes. We're working on this one. She's still calm and cool most of the time. God forbid you forget to get her food fast enough!

She points and says "S'that?" and needs an answer to it every time. 

She is a bright and beautiful baby. I am so glad to have my little girl. Every single time I look at her my heart warms knowing that I have a little girl. I love being able to shop in the "girls" section at Target and I love buying her Baby Dolls and watching her play with them. My favorite jammies for her? My old "Little Mermaid" shirt from 1989. :) I pray for her everyday that she can know her true beauty is simply because God made her. I'm looking forward to so much for her. She is gentle and fiery. She is happy and bold. She is all of those things that God wants her to be. I know that most people don't quite understand how you could get all that from a 9 1/2 month old. They aren't parents yet. 

**Mae-Mae is Josiah's name for Mae that we've all adopted. We found out a couple of weeks ago that "Mai Mai" is Chinese for "little sister". Too perfect**

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