Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer time

Give me popsicles and warm weather! We're about due out in here in Sunny California.  We've had some serious June Gloom the past few weeks. My sister's graduation was a chilly event. The urge to swim is growing ever more powerful!

My newest read, Low Men in Yellow Coats (more people know it as the Anthony Hopkins' vehicle, Hearts in Atlantis) consists of a young boy and his summer experiences. It makes me a sort of homesick that I haven't felt before. A mourning sort of homesick. I've found the truth  of "time flies".  Being excited that June was here I began to examine why- and came up wanting. My June is no different from my January. I have no summer break. June is magic to a school kid. Heck, even in college I counted down the days to Summer Break. However, this homesickness had everything to do with my summer breaks as a kid. My parents always made sure that whatever we experienced was special. That was especially true for summer. My parents worked their rear-ends off to put in a Dough-Boy when I was going into 4th Grade. My mom always made sure there were new popsicles for us in the freezer (not the store bought, but the homemade) and my Dad would swim with us when we asked. My brother Andy and I would bake ourselves on the concrete patio after getting out of the pool after a marathon swim. Our eyes tired from chlorine and swimming laps or playing "mer-people", we would go inside and watch a Disney movie or a Psalty tape.  The smell of a swamp cooler still reminds me of those moments. I can hear The Jungle Book in my head right now...

I'll never understand the merit of year-round schooling. It pilfers so many of the most important lessons from kids by stealing their summer. There are times that I can't recall vividly, but I can immerse myself in the feeling of everything that was good about those summers. Buying new swimsuits, BBQ'ing, jelly shoes, Sunday School on Promotion Sunday, Children's Great Escape, Vacation, sleeping in our playhouse, sleep-overs, ice cream socials & 4th of July at my Aunt America's house (what better place could there be?).  That very nature of summers' past is what I was looking forward to June with.

My "last great American Summer" was in 2004. I was 20 years old and had met the love of my life. I was done at community college and looking forward to Bible College. I  quit my job at Kenneth Cole and was onto bigger and better things at Wells Fargo. Cameron and I went to Palm Springs, stayed up late and watched Conan, we saw several movies & we bought matching promise rings. We fell in love that summer to put it mildly.  I went to see Dashboard Confessional not once, but TWICE. My family vacation was perfect. Perhaps I'm a little too young to seem nostalgic about my own past. But I can point to that moment in my life and say "Best. Summer. Ever."

My childhood is unique to me and can never be recreated. I can build a childhood for Josiah and Mae that is so special to them that they look forward to June as adults without knowing why. They are my reasons now to look forward to summer. I want to make popsicles with them, sign release forms for them to go on church trips, watch them swim and take in every firework on the 4th of July.

Here's to the Summer! Come quick warm weather! I'm looking forward to you!

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