Monday, July 27, 2009

Now Casting: The Stand.

On Thursday I had to drive from Bishop to Lone Pine. I don't know how many of you have been to this area of California, but it's gorgeous and scary. I've always thought the desert was a little creepy. Thankfully my brother, Aaron came along for the ride. He initiated one of our favorite games: "Who would play so & so in THE STAND if they made it into a good movie?"
Yes, there was a mini-series made of the book in the mid-90's. Yes, Rob Lowe was very attractive as the deaf mute Nick Andros. Yes, Patrick the Starfish was Tom Cullen. No, it wasn't as good as the book is. IMO I think it could be a trilogy for grown-ups. Released one year after another a la LOTR.  As avid Stephen King readers we contemplate who could be who every once in awhile. Here's what we have going for us so far:

Randall Flagg... this is still a toss up, but here are some options: Casey Affleck, Christian Bale or Joaquin Phoenix.

Lloyd... Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Slimy. Slimy. Slimy.

Trashcan Man... John Malkovich. Who doesn't want to hear "My life for you" uttered in that unmistakable voice?

Larry... John Meyer. I really like this choice. Real-life cocky rock star plays cocky rock star during super flu epidemic!

Tom Cullen... Ethan Suplee. We know he can play sweet and lumbering. Who doesn't love Randy Hickey on MY NAME IS EARL?

Glen Bateman... Jeff Bridges. Who wouldn't want THE DUDE along for the journey to Vegas?

Frannie... Emma Stone. I'm not too familiar with this actress. Aaron is confident that she could be the Stu's woman.

Doesn't that bring us to Stu then? I had a hard time with this choice at first... but it grew on me. For all 5 of you that have seen "Larger Than Life" staring Bill Murray and a pachyderm, you'll remember one performance in particular (no, not the Grandpa from the freak-show saying "Baby Poop!"), Matthew McConaughey as Tip Tucker. You know- "Tip Tucker and his Tip Top Truckin'?"  BRILLIANT!! Couldn't he be Stu? It's Tip Tucker but with a little more finesse!

I'll post more as they come back to me. What say you, fellow fans?

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