Thursday, August 20, 2009


I just got the wordpress app for my phone. I'm semi-stuck In bed with my my back and I think there might be quite a few short and senseless blogs heading your way! I'd like to start with one of my "crazy" ideas. When I am not feeling well I am more drawn to my pets for comfort. Last night I had all three cats on the bed with me. Just now Earl was "holding vigil" at my bedside while I scratched his stunted chin. I believe that God gave us animals for practical purposes and he gave us animals for healing and support purposes. They give us a little bit more "oomph" when we feel terrible. Loving this stray cat has helped give me another focus while I stay in bed. Her purring is good for what ails me. All I'm saying is that the Big Guy upstairs knew what he was doing when he gave us pets.

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