Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to injure yourself while reading

I've been in bed for the past couple of days. While that could have been a brief vacation for some, it was a recooperation for me. You see my dear blog readers, I injured myself. Was I doing something dangerous you might ask? Was I working out? Was I lifting one of my children? My answer would be none of the above. Friends, I hurt myself reading a book. You don't get my nerdier than that (unless the book I was reading had been a graphic novel or Tolkein)! We had returned from the library and running errands. The kids were both asleep so I seized the moment and grabbed my book. I sat on the bed, wasn't quite comfy...primed my butt for another move down our bed... POP! In that one "butt swoosh" as I told the urgent care PA, my back turned into a hive of pain. Busy with stabbing, warmth and numbness running down both legs. Mae was asleep next to me so I had to control my outburst. "Fudge-sicles!" is what I could muster. I had to think in PG. I certainly was at the level of "R"-rated outburst. I've hurt my back before and it gives me problems. Most notably the first Christmas we were married. We were working in the nursery two days before Christmas and I picked up a baby the wrong way. We spent that night in the ER. I spent Christmas Eve doped up on Vicodin. Happy 1st married Christmas together! You should see the pictures!
Cameron once again has been a trooper. For whatever reason this has been my year for injury and illness. He's stayed home and is working from here. Keeping Mae busy and bringing her to me sometimes. Josiah is at my parent's house.

We don't have a TV in our bedroom. I never would have imagined that I could be "laid up" in bed without the boob tube! I feel better without it. I've been reading quite a bit. I finished the book that left me in this state.(CELL, for those of you who were wondering. Maybe God was punishing me for reading another horror novel) I even wrote in a PAPER journal! I have a cat that I rescued who has been at the foot of the bed the whole time. I named her Nadine. I think she might be a "he". If that's the case I might name it Zombie or something creepy. There were zombies in the book I was reading when I crashed and burned.
I will be heading to the chiropractor soon. There I will have my back adjusted and the new chiro will marvel at the extra disc in my spine (I'm a mutant, not unlike Wolverine). Then I should start working out to keep everything in shape and to keep my spine in from cracking in half. That way no other reading related mishaps can claim my time!

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