Friday, September 18, 2009

hot, hot cameron

The other night while Cameron and I were kid-free we were at the Irvine Spectrum and Cameron was seriously checked out by a lady. If you don't know about the Spectrum, it's a bastion of South Orange County "culture". You can get your terrible paintings for your Coto mansion, your Urban Outfitters stuff if you're a student at UCI, eat at overpriced places, or buy dresses that fit snugly around your fake boobies. All of those things aside, I love going there. They have some good stores and it's just nice to walk around and people watch. Back to my story... Cameron and I were there without a stroller and kids and look like a regular set of lovers. People in Orange County do typically stare at my husband, he's not wearing Tommy Bahama or Ed Hardy and that really throws them off (oh, that whole beard face really catches them off guard).  This group of people was walking towards us and one of the gals, who was close to 20-22, blatantly checked my husband out. Hardcore, from top to bottom. She let her eyes linger on his tattoo for awhile... I raised my eyebrow and then alerted Cameron to what had happened. He's lost a lot of weight lately and my husband is looking good/hot/awesome. I don't blame her for looking at him.


Cameron Brewer said...

Who wouldn't want to look at thise classic rise jeans and my fabulous tattoo? HA!

Nichole said...

Oh, that picture. Kills me every time. Especially that "Josiah smile."

jessica said...

This is hilarious stuff:) im like addicted to your blogs now your a good writer and quite whitey<3