Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I found this amusing.

I'm really good at following rabbit holes into internet Wonderlands. Today I was searching for a good quote about a character in THE STAND. I know it's nerdy, I know I've blogged more than once about this book, but if you read this book you'll understand why I love it so very much. I have other books that I love, like East of Eden, Sweet Thursday, The Lovely Bones, Lullaby... but it's really easy to walk out into the internet world and find crazy Stephen King fans. I did that today. I found this little gem:

You see, someone out there is pretending to be Randall Flagg (the head bad guy in THE STAND) and has a blog & a Twitter account. I wasn't terribly impressed by it until I found this picture of Mother Abigail (the head of the "good guys" in the book). It made me laugh, it just seemed like a little bit of post-apocalyptic propaganda against the Free Zone. I was a little miffed  though that Randall Flagg does have internet access after the world has fallen apart... picky picky me.

UPDATE: Apparently this whole "acting out THE STAND on Twitter business isn't new. There were even articles about it in WIRED: (

There are several people playing all the prominent characters. Interesting.

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