Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is Kurt spinning in his grave?

I don't really enjoy crazy. I've never meant to write about Lindsey Lohan twice in a row, but she's an example of crazy that I don't enjoy. Couldn't we all see that one coming a mile away? I didn't enjoy Britney, Michael Jackson, or Jon Gosselin crazy. I really had a hard time with the way the media covered Anna Nicole's crazy. But today I want to address the Queen of Crazy. I would have left it alone- even with all the mean things  you've said about my favorite drummer/guitarist/lead singer/boyfriend. Those have rolled off my back. But now, with all your twitter crazy attacks against him, you have it coming and this time... it's personal.

Courtney Love: In the words of Buzz Lightyear "You are a sad, strange little man woman and you have my pity."

For those of you who don't know, Courtney is in an uproar about the fact that you can "un-lock" the Kurt Cobain avatar (is that what it's called... so unschooled in the ways of the videogame) and have him sing Bon Jovi songs. Yikes. Even if she didn't know that he was going to be used for such things, she sold them his likeness. Being quite cooperative in giving details that she wanted incorporated.  She is calling this a "travesty" and "breech of contract". I don't understand all the legal mumbo-jumbo (despite this being Bob Loblaw law blog), but I do understand scheming little turd when I see it. I also see classic signs of a drug addict- which is no secret when it comes to Courtney Love.

Remember when she cleaned up her act for awhile and she was a good actress? Wouldn't that have been awesome if she would have stayed that way? She was really good in The People v. Larry Flynt (don't worry, I saw it edited on TV... and did you know that Woody from Cheers was such a good actor?? ;) ). One of my top movies is 200 Cigarettes and she's in that movie and she's fantastic. She's perfect for the role. I forgot I was watching Kurt Cobain's widow, I was watching an actress who was being successful on her own merits. She was incredibly likable and sweet. I wish she could have taken the higher road and been more like Priscilla Presley. She could have still had plastic surgery like mad, but taken care of business like a PROFESSIONAL.

I'm not going to say that she hasn't been put into a rough spot- I don't think anyone asks to be a famous widow (well, I have my opinions on that, too).  She's clearly not capable of taking care of this estate which belongs to one of the most famous musicians of our time. I don't know who exactly owns all the rights to what, from what I understand Cobain's estate owns his likeness and image and Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic own the rights to the music. (I'm confused about it, too. Don't worry). Courtney is the one that sold Activision the rights to Kurt's likeness. Dave and Krist (notice how I use their first names like they are my friends??) sold some Nirvana songs for use in the Guitar Hero video games. According to Courtney via her Twitter, this whole thing is Activision's fault (she doesn't want Kurt to sing Bon Jovi songs... personally I'm more offended by the "Yeah... boy! " √° la Flavor Flav). When someone else on Twitter claimed that Courtney was in cahoots with Dave Grohl she went off on a Tweeting rampage and said that Dave should be "raped" and he's going to hell, not her. (I'm saving you the gory details). All this Twitter talk makes me feel like a junior higher. Courtney has a vendetta against Dave, that's no secret. She said that Dave has been taking money from her child for years. Huh? I'm pretty sure all of  Frances Bean's money has been quickly turned into whatever you're high on. My husband and I made the astute observation this morning that she rarely says anything about Krist. Probably because he's a political blogger/writer these days and isn't still in the spotlight with hit records like my beloved Dave. It's like she smells money on people. Obviously the Foo Fighters fan board was lit up yesterday after Dave and Krist released a statement. That's where I first read about all of this. It's apparently my number one source of news. If you want to read their statement, go here.

I don't want to belittle Kurt Cobain at all. He's someone I've grown to appreciate in the past few years. I was too young when he died to really get the whole grunge impact. Although I did own a few flannel shirts and Doc Marten rip offs at the ages of 8-10. I remember vividly the day he died and all the footage of the morose teens sitting around the Space Needle listening to Courtney's reading/crying/apology. He was a troubled artist. It's so clich√© and so very true about him. He was a talent that didn't need to be famous. Two years ago when we went to Seattle we joked about the flannel shirts, the Cobain tributes and Nirvana songs being played.  This man has permeated our culture and because he was so different from an Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson we don't know exactly how to sell him. I just found out that you can play Guitar Hero as Johnny Cash and he does the exact same things the Kurt character does. I don't see John Carter Cash coming out of the woodworks. It's funny how we've built a bubble around Kurt's memory. We've allowed him a Sainthood when I don't think he would have asked for one. But there I go assuming things about his feelings and wants just the way everyone else does.

In the end I'm sure this will all be settled and Courtney will fade back into the shadows of Twitterdom. She really is crazy and I'm amazed that she's still alive. She looks like a zombie with wax lips. She writes like a car accident. She's still someone who needs help and not unlike a certain Mr. Jackson who recently died she has everyone around her that only says YES. Where are the people with backbones around celebs? I must commend my friend Dave for always taking the high road in regards to this woman. He's always asked about her and never says anything brutal or gossip worthy. Don't you imagine that he would have the ammo? He's even kind when everyone assumes that every song he writes is about Kurt or his feud with Courtney. Stacked ActorsMy HeroLet it Die in particular. What feud? Sure seems one sided to me. I am very biased, I will admit that. I am a little like Matt Lauer and Pres. Obama. I don't want to report anything bad about my man crush. I love me some Dave.
On the subject of insane rock chicks, how's your spat with Courtney Love?
Pretty quiet. I'm sure I'll have to speak to her again soon, but it's quiet right now. I read recently that we were having a new feud but if I remember correctly it takes two people to constitute a feud.

-Dave Grohl, FHM, 2000

Here's some links about the lawsuit/videogame/Grunge Star/Twitter fighting:



For fun check out this gal. She translates Courtney's twitter rants.

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