Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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What to write about today? Hmm... I did not watch the VMAs or MTV awards or whatever they are. I did hear about Mr. Wonderful himself, Kanye West. Is it just me or is he the Michael Scott of the music world? He says stupid stuff at the wrong time and is always willing to steal the spotlight from the person it's shining on. They are both paid way too much for the jobs they do. Does anyone know if Kanye drives a PT Cruiser or goes to Improv class?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="269" caption="People should be afraid of how much they love him."]People should be afraid of how much they love him.[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="340" caption="He wins the Dundie for "Best Michael Scott Impression"."]I.D.I.O.T.[/caption]

To quote the always articulate Mr. Scott: "I hate so much about the things that you chose to be."

Enough of that! On to better things! Speaking of THE OFFICE- season premiere on Thursday. WHOOPEE!! I've been watching this little slice of wonderful pie since it began. It's part of my life. Half the dumb things that fall out of my mouth are just re-quoted Office lines that fit into my life. "That's What She said" is an often repeated phrase around any family gathering for me. I maybe have to bite my tongue not to say it when inappropriate (IE Doctor's appointments, church events). Oh, but when you get a good "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" in, you feel such joy! You know who does the best? My mom. She nails em'. (That's what she said).  My brother Andy hates when we yell it out. Bwahaha.

As glad as I am for Jim & Pam to return to my life on Thursday, I'm a little sad that Earl Hickey has been banished to re-run land on TBS. My Name is Earl was a quality show about the town I grew up in. Well, not really, but close. They even filmed parts of the opening sequence and some episodes out in Beaumont. C'mon Yucaipans, who doesn't know a Joy Turner or Randy Hickey from Yucaipa?? C'mon, admit it! Admit it!

Since they took away my white trash joy that was My Name is Earl, they had to make up for it by making a show especially for me. I am a woman of sophisticated taste and incredibly high-brow humor. They picked out a leading man whom I love and admire: Joel McHale. They gave him a show: Community. If you don't know Joel, please get to know him. He's the host of E!'s show, THE SOUP. He makes fun of everything I hate about TV. He's amazing. I hope Community is good. I'm trusting that it will be.

Darn! I'm only up to 439 words... I will continue with my fantastic review of NBC's Thursday night line up. So that means you guys all have to keep reading my blog entry. All five of you.

If you are a self-professed geek who runs above the fray and normal people of this world, you watch 30 Rock. If you  are a person who doesn't care that you appear hip or on the edge of pop culture, you probably don't. I held out on this show for a long time. It made me angry. It took Emmy awards from The Office. I'm not a fan of puffy Alec Baldwin. But then... I took just one hit off this line of comedy powder and POOF! I'm addicted  (Sorry for the drug reference. I just saw a picture of Lindsey Lohan). How could you say no to a show that has songs called Werewolf Bar Mitzvah or guest stars like Jerry Seinfeld and Carrie Fisher? 30 Rock is the cool person I wanted to be friends with in college.

The last very interesting show I'm going to write about (and you're going to read about... keep going. Don't give up now!) is Parks and Recreation. There were a few episodes made last season to see if we all wanted to see Amy Poehler be the blonde female version of Michael Scott (as opposed to the egotistical, rapping version. If you are interested in that re-read the beginning of this entry). HECK YES WE DO! We also want to see Rashida Jones not stealing Jim away from Pam- we want to see her in her own awesome dysfunctional relationship! We want to see that awesome intern from Scrubs (Aziz Ansari) have his own starring role! It's clever, funny and heart-warming at times. Sound familiar? It should, it was created by Greg Daniels and Michael Shur who are part of the creative team on The Office. I'm not saying that P&R is a carbon copy of Office just in a different setting. It's far better than that. It's just a very similar style of humor and warmth. I think it's clever and I love Amy Poehler. She's just so perky and fun.

I've noticed a trend in my blogs lately, I'm giving you loyal readers advice as to what to watch on TV, what movies to enjoy and blah blah blah, more lists of things I like. Sorry. I'll move onto to different subjects and different formats. I think this is just easy for the moment.  I'm wondering if I'm even helpful to anyone. Do you enjoy reading about my cultural tastes? Do you find me irritating and in need of an exercise routine? Do you think I should stick to blogs about what funny things my kids do? Please let me know. I'm willing to write, I just don't always know about what. Today it happened to be TV and why I like it sometimes. I'm not anymore qualified than the next guy to give you advice on good television. I do sound pretty awesome and not "average"  when you ask me what shows I like and I don't instantly say "THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR" or "KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS". I have a ritzy taste in TV, don't I? Admit that I do.

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Nichole said...

I pictured you at the end, typing that last paragraph and watching your word counter. Hahaha! Even still, I love reading your ramblings. I'm just jealous that I haven't posted my own. :) Yet.