Monday, October 26, 2009

"Mom, I'm BARFIN'"- Josiah

Fun weekend, kids! Just kidding. I had wanted to do lots of Halloween-y things with the kids and do epic amounts of laundry. Guess what got done? Nothing. I watched a few documentaries on Netflix and caught up on my SNL episodes. Friday night held promise when we headed out to the drive-in theater to see "Wild Things" and "Astro Boy". "Wild Things" is not a kid movie, it would hold Josiah's attention for a few minutes at a time and he liked the movie. I'm guessing in about 14 years it will be a favorite of his. I ended up in the back of our CRV playing with the kids and occasionally watching the movie. That was alright.

I woke up the next morning to a very cranky Mae Baby in bed with me (which is weird, she's a crib kid or the opposite of her brother). I picked her up to go change her and BLAM! BARF!! She gave me back several ounces of milk that I had given her earlier. Thanks! She quickly added a fever, snot nose and the stinkiest, leakiest bottom to the list of sickness. (Shout out to Fisher Price diapers: They are cheap but work incredibly well). That afternoon I started to feel like scratchy throat, stuffy nose death. I spend Saturday and Sunday taking care of her and myself (sort of). Cameron spends his weekend being Mr. Mom to Josiah.

Even though I still don't feel good, I had a plan for today to go smoothly with the Sicky Mae, Josiah and I. Cameron obviously had to go back to work. My plan goes nowhere because I wake up to... PROJECTILE VOMITING IN MY FACE. Thank you Reagan from the Exorcist/my son. At least he wasn't speaking Latin or levitating, because then I would have needed a couple of priests. Mae is still sick with a fever and she pukes on me as I go to get her ready for a trip to the doctor's office. I have been thrown up on more times this weekend than ever before. I go to Urgent Care smelling like barf and not caring. I don't care if you don't like me smelling like stomach acid and the few animal crackers Mae ate before spewing on me. That's your personal issue. Not mine.

Urgent Care is empty. That surprises me because apparently the flu is a national emergency and I heard there were people piling up in the streets who had died of swine flu. What? Oh, that's just hype... Sorry. I believe everything TV tells me. ;) They weigh Mae and swab her nose for Swine Flu (which is funny because I pictured a piggy nose getting swabbed). Guess how much Mae loved being swabbed? About as much as she loves her brother stealing toys from her. We are given a prescription for Tamiflu (which I'm still waiting for a call about). I come home to a husband slipping in and out of consciousness and a three year old who, despite the proclamation earlier of "I'm barfing!" and a 101.4 fever, is all over the place and can't simply watch a movie. I clean and organize everything to help keep order during our bout of fun with Mr. Flu. I get both my children down for naps, I eat a little left over food, watch a little TV and now I'm writing this while I'm a little bit "buzzed" from cough meds.

That's all for now. I think I might try to get a little rest before anything else happens.

Being a Mom is awesome.

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Nichole said...

Aw, man...that's stinky (literally). I hope you guys are feeling all better soon!