Wednesday, October 07, 2009

the sweater song

My special time of the month is not always part and parcel with bizarre mood swings. Tonight it is. I feel a little "teenagery" and want to lock myself in the office and only listen to music from my days of being a sad, artsy college student. I'm jumping from one website to the next. I'm looking at pictures online. I'm reading old blog entries. I'm feeling slightly over-exposed and a little misunderstood. All hormones of course.

I love knowing I'm crazy, but only for 4-7 days.


Nichole said...

Had my crazy day a week ago. Cried, laughed, got angry and depressed, followed by extremely giddy. What a rush. Thanks a lot, Evie.

P.S. That usually doesn't happen to me, either. But this month, it sure as heck did.

admin said...

Nichole- I should have known! If you suffered, I must suffer. It's because our uteruses/uteri are connected... ever since that whole roommate thing 5 years ago. It all makes sense now!

Nichole said...

LOL! We have connected uteri! HAHAHAA!

Gina Cross said...

You crack me up!