Wednesday, October 07, 2009


After watching two extra kids today (who are good kids) and dealing with an insane amount of um, potty-ing, I sat down on my computer to take a little break. I believe the Lord hath shined his countenance upon me and gave me this little gift:

Wheels Foo Fighters

My observations:

1. I enjoy  flannel shirts. (Weird fact: I have one on. I feel like Dave might be my shirt soul-mate.)

2. I love Dave.

3. Is it just me or is Chris Shiflett getting more attractive? (Hint: He has beard now, so yes.)

4. I love Dave.

5. Are they in an Anthropologie store?

6. I love Dave.



Shelly Jones said...

Please tell me that you caught the episode of Robot Chicken where Dave and the other Foo Fighters are enlisted by Mr. T to go with him to "Fight Foos" throughout the world. If not, you tube it immediately!

admin said...

I have seen that! My personal favorite "Funny Foo" (there are quite a few) is when they were on SNL a couple years ago and they are in the digital short.