Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Cameron and I lost our minds on Friday and decided to go shopping. We were going to be committed to an asylum and headed to Toys R Us at midnight, fearing for our lives we turned around and left. We came back around 9:30 the next morning. We tromped through aisles, waded through crazies, and chased down those deals. We made it out of Toys R Us with about $50.00 in savings. I bough stuff that was on sale and took coupons. I'm intense.

We headed over to Target and jumped into that party. The front of the store was deceiving. Relatively quiet we felt a false sense of hope. To the toy section! Ack! All 2,000 people are in those few aisles. The treasures we found! We got Josiah a power wheels quad for $44! It wasn't on his list, but I saw it and had to have it for him! It fit in our budget because we had spent so much less than expected.  We got his Santa present... an RC Car from Toy Story. Josiah has been waiting to ask Santa for this present since last month. He is focused in his hope for Jolly St. Nick to bring R.C. down his chimney.  I must pat my husband on the back for getting this R.C. I can't wait for Christmas morning.

Mae is fun to shop for- she loves clothes, she loves shoes, she loves PINK. It's almost too easy. We didn't mean to, but it ended as a very Disney Princess Christmas. There will be many Tiana presents under the tree for Princess Mae.

We also managed to shop for new Christmas decorations, just a few things. I had wanted a little tinsel tree for the kid's room. I finally got one. They decorated it Saturday morning. Instead of fixing the ornaments, I left them the way two very excited little kids had done it. :)

Sunday we hit the mall- I knew where the deals were. Crazy 8. It's my favorite clothing store for the little ones, especially Mae. They have excellent sales and they are cute! I'm not really into preppy clothes for Josiah (Wow. I know, big shocker), and Crazy 8 tends to have more of what I like for him. Their Christmas outfits were on sale and had 25% more off the price because of the Black Friday weekend shopping.  I got a $26.00 jacket for Mae for $10.00!! The kids now have their holiday outfits for pictures with Santa and Christmas. BOOYA!

Did I mention that I have most of my Christmas cards written in, addressed and ready for mailing? Oh, I do. I can't believe it! I don't know what I'll do for the rest of the month!

I'm gearing up for the "kid" part of Christmas for sure, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten why all this hustle and bustle started. Every night at dinner we're reading a different part of the Christmas story. I'm glad I'm getting all this stuff done now. I can focus on Jesus more the closer we get to Christmas. I love instilling the real meaning of Christmas in my kids. Josiah was worried last night about Jesus laying where the animals ate out of. Can you blame him? Since I became a Mom (three years ago tomorrow!!), I've often wondered what Mary felt as she couldn't offer her new baby the safety and warmth of her own home. I've even thought (as odd as it may seem), if she needed help breast feeding, or how they changed a baby then.  This girl was a teenager, with the responsibility of motherhood lying in a manger in front of her. For every bit of knowledge that she had about Jesus being the son of God, she probably had just as many worries about him from a Mother's viewpoint.

Ok. That blog went from being incredibly light to very heavy. I guess that's the balance we have to strike every Christmas. Remembering why we celebrate and celebrating in a meaningful way.

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