Friday, November 06, 2009

A Dae with my Mae.

Wednesday morning my Mom and Dad offered to take Josiah over night. That was great! I decided to take Mae to Disneyland by herself for the first time on Thursday.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="272" caption="Mae "posing" in front of the Castle."]Mae posing in front of the Castle.[/caption]

We got there and headed over to Fantasyland to hob-knob with some Princesses. We made a few stops to look at the Christmas merchandise and even went into the Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique to see some very lucky girls getting their hair done. We rode King Arthur's Carousel and then got in line for Dumbo. That's where Mae decided to do what I like to call "The Patented Toddler Drop". You know the one parents! You have your kid by the hand or arm and they "flop" down. She started screaming! I felt a pop... but tried to ignore it. We were being loaded onto the ride when it happened so I was hoping that she was just angry. We went on the ride and she was distracted a bit. We got off and went to get a snack. She would not use her left arm and when I tried to put a cracker into that hand she would scream bloody murder! She was protecting that arm and gave me death glares when I would touch it. I decided we were going to go ride the First Aid ride! No line there! The nurses were great and it was so bizarre to go from Main Steet to the inside of a Doctor's office. They gave me a list of local hospitals along with a map. They gave Mae a cute sticker with Minnie as a Nurse (she had to have it on her shirt). The nurse directed me to St. Joseph's because it was the best... I'll tell you later why I should have listened. Mae's arm was swollen and a slightly different shade. I thanked the nurses and headed out of Disneyland with a screaming baby. I'm sure they would have called for a special transport to our car, but I said no thank you. I took the longest tram ride back to our car. Thank God we were parked in the first row! I called Cameron to tell him what was going on. He was on his way.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="272" caption="Have you ever seen anything this cute?"]Have you ever seen anything this cute?[/caption]

I really should have gone to St. Joseph's. Instead I went to Western Medical Center. Nothing like watching a prisoner in shackles come through the ER! The staff was great, but it was an old, little and cramped ER. Thank God Cameron apparently drove 900 miles per hour to get there. I was pretty sure that Mae had a case of Nursemaid's Elbow. Josiah had done it before. We waited for 2 hours and during that time Mae popped her own elbow back and was fine. They checked her out anyway and we were let go. We ate lunch with Cameron and then I decided to give my little girl the rest of her Disneyland day!

We drove back across the street to the Happiest Place on Earth. While we were parking Mae found her Snow White dress in the car. It's been in there since Halloween. She had to have it on. I totally obliged and I took my Princess into California Adventure to see if Snow White was out taking pictures. She wasn't, but we played in C.A. for awhile. We went back over to Disneyland. First we stopped by the First Aid station to thank the nurses and tell them Mae was fine. They were glad to see her. We went to

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="272" caption="The Littlest Snow White"]The Littlest Snow White[/caption]

the Haunted Mansion. Mae loved it. She recognized Jack, Sally and Zero. She waved at them all. I saw some of the decorations going up in New Orlean's Square and headed towards the back. We found a great surprise! In one of the little alcoves they have Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog.

Mae finally got to take her picture with a Princess. She recognized Tiana and her incredible dress right away! She's been watching the trailer on our Apple TV and we bought a re-usable bag from the Disney Store a couple of weeks ago with Tiana on it. I've been using that as Mae's diaper bag. It was fun to see the new characters and they have these great accents! Mae showed Tiana and Naveen her new necklace with Sleeping Beauty on it. The guy that was Naveen was great! So sweet and wonderfu to watch with the little kids. I'm looking forward to taking her to see a "real" Disney animated Princess feature in the theater!

After seeing Tiana we were ready to go. The lights came on Main Street right when we got there. Perfect for my Mae! She had a good day despite the trip to the ER. I can't count how many times were stopped by visitors and Cast Members because of her cuteness in her dress. :) She is such a light and a sweet presence to be around. I'm so glad she's mine!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="283" caption="Hoorah!"]Hoorah![/caption]

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Nicole Orr said...

Too cute; I love that she wore her costumer! I'm sorry she hurt her arm but you definitely didn't let it ruin the day. On another note, I feel like a creep commenting moments after you posted, but in my defense you told me about it on FB. :)