Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coupon Relief

Like millions of other people, I've been hurting for the people of Haiti. I have given monetarily, but that just didn't seem like enough. I kept thinking of the orphans, the babies crying for the parents, the kids confused and injured. I wanted some physical part in the devastation. I was waiting for word on giving blood- I have plenty! I didn't hear about it, so I kept praying for an opportunity to give more.

I realized that my cabinet held many items needed for relief. I had cold medicine, baby supplies, hand sanitizer, body wash, tooth brushes, etc. I found a way to get the items down there through the Nazarene Church of the Caribbean. I printed a list of needs and went through my "coupon stockpile". God's timing was perfect- He's into coupons. In the last few weeks I've stocked up on the following:

- toothpaste

-cold medicine


-baby wipes

-diaper rash ointment

-body wash

I have had the following in my house for quite some time:

-Bladder infection relief medicine

- Travel size shampoos and wash

-Wash Cloths

-baby blankets


-band aids

-Ziploc Bags


-pill bottles

-baby wipes

I quickly filled an old diaper box from Sam's Club with the items.

I decided I could do more and started searching my go-to websites for deals to help pack the box.

Here's what I got:

Rite Aid:

-Halls: Normally $1.50, I had a .50 cent off coupon and they were on sale for $1! I paid .50 cents.

-Nyquil: Normally $5.49, I had a  $2 off coupon. The Nyquil was on sale for $3.99, plus you get another $1 off with their Single Check Rebate program. That's 99 cents, folks!


- Packaging tape: Normally $1.08, I had a dollar off coupon. .08 cents!

Here's my favorite stop in my Haiti Shopping Spree:


-Johnson and Johnson Band Aids: 97 cents. I had a dollar off coupon, they adjusted it down to the price and I got it for FREE!

-Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit: Same deal as above, FREE!

-Bottle of Peroxide: .62 cents

-Tide (Travel size): .97 cents, I had a .35 cent off any Tide coupon, so .62 cents.

-Dove Deodorant: .99/each. I bought two trial size and used a coupon for $1.50 off two deodorants.

-Johnson and Johnson Baby Wash: .97 cents. I had a $1.00 off coupon. FREE!



Not bad right??

Especially when you consider what that would have cost me at full price:


So- moral of the story folks: Clip coupons, save money, give generously.


Nichole said...

You are amazing. God has given you a thoughtful and generous heart. What a godly example to follow!

I wish I could have seen your totals, though. They're not showing up for some reason...

admin said...

Thanks Nichole. That means a lot. :)
That's odd! They're white. I'll fix them in the mean time: $3.11 spent, $16.90 full price.

Zhenya Shulgin said...

Wow, girl. I am very impressed.
That is just pure awesomenrss. Bob Loblaw is very proud of you.