Saturday, January 30, 2010


Last night Cameron and I headed out to my friend Joanna's wedding. I've known Joanna since we were in middle school (I think!). Her wedding was full of joy, laughter and Jesus. I like when weddings are fun and not formal. I like when all of your friends are into and are blessed by you being married. Quick note: Cameron is usually the odd man out with his beard and tattoo- not last night. He blended right in. More beards than I could count and his one tattoo seemed odd compared to the neck pieces and full sleeves! We sat with fantastic people that I love. After the ceremony I got to see even more old friends. Sometimes I miss Yucaipa more than I know.

What I really took away from this wedding was what the Pastor said about "covenant". He said that marriage was a covenant and that our society doesn't even really know what that means anymore, that it's an antique word. He mentioned that none of us are committed to much of anything these days, our jobs, our employers, our spouses, etc. Covenant though, is God's idea and that God has done great things simply because of covenant. Marriage is a covenant not only between husband and wife, but Jesus. It's a sacred union. It's by God's design a representation of Jesus and the church. Amen.

So often marriage is belittled in our society. No one really understands why you get married. *HINT: It's not just for the big expensive wedding* I remember being asked over and over again when I was engaged to Cameron "Why are you getting married so young?" "Are you sure you want to get married?" "Don't you want to go out and have fun first?" I never heard them asking my co-workers : "Are you sure you want to go out drinking tonight?" "Are you really OK with just living with your boyfriend?" "Don't you want to just get married instead of one night stands?" I always thought it was pretty brazen of people that I didn't know to comment on my choice of marriage.  Our cavalier attitude towards marriage isn't becoming of us as a society. Marriage, when done right, is a beautiful and miraculous thing. It's not "just a piece of paper", but it's a covenant between two people to be servants to one another and represent the love of Christ to each other. I don't know of anything the world needs more than people humbling themselves and loving another person more than themselves.

Last night we sat with friends who have been married for 33 years, 25 years, 27 years and 30 years. These aren't perfect people who happened to find each other, but these are people that have worked and struggled and forged a bond in marriage. I love that. I can only hope that more of us continue to find out that it's not just about us, but about a sacrificial love that puts your spouse first. Don't get married thinking that it's going to make you happy. Marriage is a covenant. Marriage is hard. Marriage is work. Marriage is worth it.

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Courtney said...

That was beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. It is so true. What a blessing to be part of such a challenging, beautiful, other-worldly union!