Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I made some bread. Pretty pioneer of me, right?

I made some basic White Bread yesterday from an easy peasy lemon squeeze-y recipe in Martha Stewart Living.
I love me some Martha. I think I'll step up my game and make some rye bread and whole wheat.

I'll post the recipe in a bit. It's hard to find and it will take some time to type it up. But if you have your copy of Martha Stewart Living February, it's on page 54.

P.S. Who loves my super cute towel that I have the bread on? My good friend Gina gave that to me! If you want to do something fun with your family, head out to Julian Mining Company! Gina and her hubby own and run it. Gina is an incredible baker in her own right- she's like a sweeter, cuter version of Martha!

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