Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm going to admit it, I go to this Dave Grohl fansite- only sometimes! I don't visit it for the pictures. I read it for the content! (I've always wanted to say that because it was always such a B.S. excuse for looking at girly mags from dudes/Homer Simpson.) Back to why I'm writing. I found this on there last night:

Beyond the Pale Poster Design

Great, great poster. I love how proper "John Paul Jones Vulture" is. So British. Can I just say as someone that has seen Mr. JPJ the Great in person, that his vulture captures him quite well? Well, when I saw him he didn't look like he was going to strangle anyone with a rope... maybe it's all in the monocle.

*Click here for a large image from Sweet Paramania*


Cameron Brewer said...

MMmm, i like it. I ordered it!

Leecy said...

I'm glad that the site helped in getting a gift for your husband!

As a long time gig poster collector, I'm glad that others are as amazed over this one as I am.

Here are a few more facts about the poster:

Based on the 1960’s & 70’s UK movies Hammer House of Horror.

The connections are:
* Dave is clubs, brass knuckles, pummeling tools ================== drums
* John is strangling, tying up tools, rope, piano wire = piano/keyboard/bass strings
* Josh is bladed cutting tools, knives, picks, Axes ================ guitar