Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I was like 6 years ago.

I really want to just share something with you all- old pictures. Pictures of  B.C. (before Cameron). Pictures of a magical time when I listened to Dashboard Confessional, named my car after characters in obscure indie films and worked in Cabazon.

Selection #1: My Bedroom circa 2004.

I picked this one for a good reason. I want people to know what I was into when I was 19. Mostly Ewan McGregor, but there's others in there if you look. I also want people to know that I found it important to document my bedroom. Not anyone in my bedroom, but just my bedroom walls. IMPORTANT! Here's a few other items that were crucial to my well being in my room:

  • Black and White pictures of my modeling photo session with none other than Mr. Nick A. Garcia.

  • A picture of Talicia and I running on the beach.

  • Probably pictures of Jill and I.

  • I'm pretty sure that's a calendar with pictures of cats. BOOYA.

  • Yes, I do have an 8x10 photo of Gregory Peck on my desk, didn't you?

  • That would be a Kewpie doll. In all it's naked glory.

  • BOOKS! Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Swell! A Girl's Guide to the Good Life. I thought it was 1963. Sorry.

  • Last, but certainly not least: A signed Michael Buble album. Before he was a huge fancy  star, Talicia and I ordered his album and they were signed if you pre-ordered them. I wonder where that autograph is? I just looked on ebay and his autograph is going for about $100.00...

Selection #2: My closet door with me in the picture wearing a beautiful MxPx hoodie.

I did love me some MxPx. Apparently I also loved Big Fish. Casey Affleck and  Catherine O'Hara. Other things I spy in this picture: Joaquin Phoenix's head taped on a picture of a guy that was wearing a patch that said something along the lines of "I don't have a car. I don't have a job. But I'm in a band." That really tickled my funny bone. I have Jack Black and Molly Shannon dancing in a picture taped to a picture of my friend Nick and me. Clearly I was big into the art of collage. I was going to change the world by cutting things out and taping them together artfully.

Selection #3: Lola and I.

Awesome things about this picture? LOLA STILL HAD FOUR LEGS! That is fantastic. Not so fantastic: My blue hair. I had dyed my own hair black and it faded to blue. Cool. I use to shop at Hot Topic! Look at that Goonies shirt I'm sporting. I also had a cool cuff watch for ladies. This must have been right after I turned 20 because I got that shirt for my birthday. I look at this picture and just think about how much Lola and I love each other.



I use to really enjoy smoking Swisher Sweets. I would do it on occasion and always with friends. This was also my phase of really loving Good Will Hunting, I'll let that explain my hat.

My parents had grip loads of pictures were not allowed to look at until we were old enough because they were all pictures of them partaking of certain substances/drinks, etc. Here is THE ONE picture my kids can't see until they're older. It's pretty shocking. I will also tell them about the one time I let a guy buy me a drink in a bar and the story of when I smoked a clove in LA after seeing The Vines and Jet!!!  I know, I know. It's hard to imagine that I, Leigh, would do such things. The truth is hard to deal with at times.

That was pretty self-indulgent of me to post these pictures. It was fun though. I'm not going to lie.

Tomorrow my posts will have a bit more meat to them.

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