Monday, February 08, 2010

Albertsons Coupon Booklet

I have discovered shopping at Albertsons. I really love the store here on Ontario in Corona. They have the BEST customer service (I was shopping there one day when it started raining, I was on my way to the car when one of the employees was coming in to let me know that my windows were partially down. That's service!). They also have a Starbucks inside... which is a treat. The real reason for the post is that I found a great coupon booklet inside the store with $39 worth of coupons. It's called "Value your Heart" and I found it next to the weekly ads in the store. It has quite a few coupons in it, I even used one, the $2/2 Diet Coke (12 packs or larger). I was buying soda for the Superbowl and it came in quite handy with the deal Albertsons was having ( 2 pizzas and 4 boxes of coke for $17.04, I got 2 Diogiorno pizzas and 4 boxes of Coke for $7.04! With coupons of course!)

If you are an Albertson's shopper, keep an eye out for the booklet. Don't forget to sign up for their Avenu program that puts coupons right on your Albertson's card.

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