Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Corona Life Services

I'm really excited everyone! I was driving back from Ontario, taking the side roads when I happened to see Corona Life Services Pregnancy Center. I just got off the phone with them and can't wait to start helping out.

I use to volunteer at Yucaipa Pregnancy Center and loved it. It was some of the most gut-wrenching, heart breaking time I've ever spent, but it was so worth it just to see that one life that was saved. I know that my heart is in pro-life ministry and now that I'm a Mom I have even more compassion for these girls and women who are so confused.

If you want to help out with Corona Life Services, go to their website, you can make a donation, you can drop off your old baby clothes or buy them a pack of diapers.

I am so, so excited.


Bonni said...

So cool!

I also had the opportunity to volunteer at a pregnancy resource center while attending college in Michigan. It was far from "fun" -- words like heartbreaking and heartwarming are better to describe the experience. But it changed me, and I saw God use it to change the lives of some of my young clients as well.

One of my small group teenagers is volunteering at a center in San Clemente, and it's really neat to hear her experiences and see her youthful enthusiasm and passion for the ministry.

Glad these places are out there!

Leigh B. said...

I totally agree with you on the "fun" thing. It's not an easy ministry and it does break your heart often. The worst I ever experienced was a teenage girl who had been pregnant, been thrown a baby shower and then decided to abort the baby anyway. She came in to donate all of the clothing, supplies and gifts she had been given. Her nonchalant attitude was heartbreaking. It was so obviously a cover for the pain she felt. I can still see her face.
The best I ever experienced was while I was working in the Nursery, a woman came in with her son. She told us that she was sitting in the abortion clinic when she heard an audible voice tell her to leave. She put down the unfinished paper work and ran out of the door. Here we were a year and a half later holding her amazing son and looking at his smile!