Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Couponing to Disney Step 1

My kids and I just put a bunch of spare change into 2 piggy banks that we have. It doesn't seem like much right now, but I'm learning the value of  just one penny. So step 1 in my grand scheme is to use whatever spare change we have for visiting the mouse!

The other active steps I'm going to take this week are:

-Taking surveys for money online, slow going, but worth it.

- Taking the recycling to get $$$!

-Using my Mail in Rebate money for WDW savings. I have a $4.00 Single Check Rebate from Rite Aid that I'll cash and use.  I'll be getting a $10.00 rebate from Johnson and Johnson among others. I'm also going to have a little bit from CVS from their ECB program.

I'm really encouraged to this right and to take time. I have the image of driving through the gates of Disney World with my kids & hubby and I know that all this Scrooge McDuck like scrounging will be well worth it.

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