Monday, February 01, 2010

I love/hate the Grammy awards.

I haven't watched anything from the Grammys last night. I wasn't terribly interested. I'm thrilled that Kings of Leon won awards, but then baffled by The Black Eyed Peas winning anything. EVER. Then I'm utterly dismayed that Nickleback was even nominated. How do I take you seriously Grammy Awards??

There is a love hate relationship between me and Award shows. When it goes my way I celebrate, when it doesn't I find solace in the idea that what I like isn't main-stream enough to win. Aren't I sort of a media snot?

Two years ago Cameron and I got to go to part of the Grammy Awards. I say "part" because we weren't inside the Staples center, but outside in the Nokia theater area. We stood there for hours and hours. I was pregnant, I had to pee, I was tired. I had been puking my guts out the day before with morning sickness. Yet, I stood stalwart. I did not move for about 6 hours from one spot. You see, Cameron had won tickets to this... this magical moment. We were going to see the Foo Fighters preform. Not only was I to be 10 feet away from Mr. Grohl, but JOHN PAUL JONES was going to be there! In the words of GOB Bluth, "C'MON!" Who would not want to see this? This was long before TCV was on the horizon and it was pretty special to see a member of Led Zeppelin on stage. I enjoyed rubbing it in my brother's face until he got to go last year and see both of them preform a full concert, now I don't say much of anything. Anyway, Cameron and I waited. We watched them bring out equipment, set stuff up. We listened to the TV people lie to us about how many songs the Foo Fighters were going to play. We heard stupid people that had won from KROQ complain that alchohol wasn't being served. We heard people asking who John Paul Jones was. I even heard these two exchanges:
"What band is the guy from?"

"The Sex Pistols I think."

"Who is preforming with them?"

"John Bonham."

Can I just say to the first one, GET OUT! Leave the area immediately and go play in traffic.

To the second, unless we were waiting for a magical drumming seance to occur, I don't think that's going to happen. (If you don't know, John Bonham was the drummer for Led Zeppelin, he died in 1980.)

Added Bonus to our evening of awesome was Jason Bateman was the emcee. When we finally got to see the Foo and JPJ preform it was fantastic. I was stunned and couldn't believe how lucky my hubby was when it came to winning Foo tickets (that's not the first or last thing he's won). Screaming along to "The Pretender" on live television was about as rad as it gets for a fan.

Here's the link to the video:

Foo Fighters at the 2008 Grammy Awards.

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