Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rag Doll

I may be one to get the Led out. I may also be the one to listen to Probot on the way to church. I might just be the chick that listens to whatever sounds the loudest on the speakers when I don't have my kids in the car. That doesn't stop me from having a soft spot in my heart for 60's pop sensations like Frankie Vallie, Dusty Springfield and Lesley Gore. I listened to KOLA 99.9 & KERTH 101.1 growing up before Air 1 came into it's modern form. I had a radio in my room and it was always turned to oldies stations. I know you all may be a little surprised to know that I enjoy oldies. It reminds me of cleaning my room and thinking that I understood all these lovelorn people on the radio, well, because I had a crush on someone at church that just didn't quite understand. When I hear the "KOLA 99.9" intro it reminds me of being in my room on a Saturday evening with the smell of a fresh cut lawn and maybe the BBQ going. It takes me back to just enjoying life and simply being a kid.

So, tonight I will sit and listen to all these former pop stars on my Pandora station and remember when I was about 9 years old in my very pink bedroom.

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Nichole said...

K-Earth one oh one and I were buddies, too! I listened to it on my alarm clock radio when I would fall asleep at night all during elementary school...until we moved here. :) I knew we were friends for a reason. Haha.