Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saving to be generous for Birthdays.

I thought I would do a little post on Birthday savings.

My Dad's 50th Birthday is this month (my parents are babies in my opinion). Everything I've gotten for him has been fantastically on sale or cheap. That doesn't mean that I love him less. What it actually means is that I've put more time and thought into gifts for my family this year than ever before. The more you save on a gift, the more generous you can be. Here's the run down:

- One photo mousepad: FREE (from, I would HIGHLY recommend becoming a fan of them on Facebook. I've received some super cute stuff for FREE from them.)

-One Gillette Razor (GILLETTE- THE BEST A MAN CAN GET! Sorry, that snappy little number always pops into my head when I see Gillette)  On sale for $8.99, I had a $4.00/1 coupon. If you bought the razor at CVS, you got $4.00 ECBs. So, technically I paid .99¢ for a $10.00 razor.

-Gillette Deodorant: I got a double pack for the same price that a single was. It was on sale for $8.99 and I had a coupon that if you bought any type of Gillette deodorant you got a free Gillette body wash.

- I went to Walgreens where they had an in-ad coupon for Gilette Shaving cream, it was normally $4.89. The in-ad coupon made it $1.99, but I had a manufacturer's coupon for $1.00 off! .99¢ Baby!

That makes my Dad's birthday present a total of: $10.97!!  For all of this it normally would be around $50.00.

** I also got him a gift card to his favorite place in Bannining, Grandma's Kitchen. It was $2 for a $25 gift card.**


Nichole said...

"Bannining?" :)
Btw, good job, Grasshopper! Haha.

Leigh B. said...

I'm pretty sure "Bannining" is a result of typing a blog with two children in the room.