Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Super Cute Veggie Tales Toothbrush!

See these cute little Veggie Tales toothbrushes? Well, I scored 2 of them for 99¢ each at Walgreens today. Not only do they have my favorite guy, Larry on them but they also play some awesome Veggie Tales tunes for 2 minutes so kids know how long to brush their teeth! I was already excited for my deal, then I saw how much they normally retail for: $2.48! Woohoo! My kids were thrilled and so was I! Maybe the song should go "Oh where is my toothbrush!?" instead...

UPDATE: I went back to Walgreens with my Register Rewards from earlier today (I had $14.00 worth) and bought some, um, necessities for our trip this weekend & for "Fillers" (at Walgreens your number of coupons can't exceed number of items being purchased, so you use cheap "filler items") I got 3 more Veggie Tales Toothbrushes. :)

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Nichole said...

I love you for telling me about this one. Hope they have them at mine.