Friday, March 26, 2010


I got a cat today. I went to the Riverside Animal shelter and picked one out. He's a long haired orange tabby. I named him George Oscar Bluth. G.O.B. for short (it's pronounced like the book of the Bible, Job). If you aren't familiar with my cat's namesake, you haven't seen Arrested Development which is one of two TV shows that win in my book for best ever, Arrested Development (Mystery Science Theater 3000 being the other). I named him G.O.B. while trying to think of something clever and relevant to my life at the moment. I was going to go Biblical, but then changed my mind because that could ruin a future child name (I named one of my cats Maggie. I really wish I would have saved that if we have another girl). Then I went pop culture. I already had a Simpsons named cat (Maggie Moe), a TV show dog (Earl), a song name dog (Penny Lane), a TV show cat (Meaty) and a rescue cat that I named out of a Stephen King novel (Nadine).  Ta-Da! G.O.B. came to me. I said it outloud and Josiah kept calling him G.O.B. Perfection. It's easy and it suits him. He's tall, handsome and probably pretty good at illusions. I imagine he's got a deep gravely voice, too.

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