Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lloyd Dobbler and the Song of Solomon

Do you know Lloyd Dobler? I'm well acquainted with Lloyd. Lloyd is the mold of which all boyfriends should be made. Sadly, Lloyd is merely a character from a 1989 film, Say Anything. There are many a girl on the hunt for Lloyd. Lloyd was was the original Jim Halpert. Before John Krasinski was mugging into the camera and pining for Pam, Lloyd walked in the rain for Diane. Lloyd exchanged his heart for a mere pen. Lloyd held the boom-box. After I had seen Say Anything, the only thing I wanted was a boy in my front lawn blasting Peter Gabriel. Too much to ask for? I say no. This movie (not unlike most Cameron Crowe films) gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. It gave me hope and it gave me an enduring admiration for John Cusack even when he makes movies like 2012. Aside from all the witty dialogue and good music, this movie gave us an enduring truth:
The world is full of guys. Be a man. Don't be a guy.

Our Bible Study group just started Song of Solomon. While discussing that marriage is for men and not for boys, Lisa brought up this quote from Say Anything. How appropriate. Besides having good taste in movies, clearly Lisa summed up a huge problem in our society. Too many dudes are willing to stay guys without ever heading into mature manhood. I'm not saying they have to wear ties and drive a Lexus (also a mistake in our society, money does not make a man. I know plenty of wealthy boys). I'm saying they have to be willing to provide for themselves and a family. I'm saying they have to move beyond the realm of Play Station 3 and frozen meals. When I look at my husband I realize how he became a man (well, I made him a man on our wedding night, but that's a whole different blog entry... ;))so that he could marry me. Cameron got a job, moved out of his parent's house and found us a place where he lived until we lived there together as man and wife. Not only does it impress me that he was such a man, but it flatters me. He did all of that for me. I can't really fathom that. I don't see myself as being worthy of that amount of action and life change.

When we were announced at our reception when we got married, you know what song was playing? In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. The song Lloyd iconic ally plays for Diane with his boom-box. Moral of the story: If you're looking for Lloyd Dobler, look for a man, not a guy.

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