Monday, March 01, 2010

Our free food at Disneyland

We headed out to the Mouse's house to see Captain EO. I was stoked to go,  I have vivid memories of seeing Captain EO. It was a BIG deal.

Well, we don't have it in the budget to feed everyone at Disneyland. I gathered up a bunch of our change. I looked online and found a Coinstar at Albertsons. We ended up with $8.05, we shopped Albertsons for snacks. We got:

- 3 Cookie Go-Packs $1.00 each

- Albertsons String Cheese .33¢/each

- 2 Bananas

-Tortilla chips (on sale for $2.29, I had a $1.00/1)

-Fruit snacks (on sale for $2.29, I had a coupon for $1.50/1. I got them cheaper than the generic brand gummies)

Total: $6.74 (I also got a FREE bottle of Marsala Cooking Wine, so that's part of the tax)

We saw Captain EO and then just played around Disneyland the rest of the time we were there. Josiah left Captain EO saying "We have GOT to get that DVD!" When we stopped for snacks, we got our free tortillas at the Mission Factory and grabbed some hot sauce at the condiment area in the Cannery Row eating area. I felt incredibly thrifty and fantastic knowing that we weren't spending $30-$40 at Disneyland for dinner. :)

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