Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Quality Kid's Music

On the way home last week I started a Pandora station for the kids. We're not big on kid's music in the car. They dig what we dig. But I thought it might be fun to see what came up. I, of course enjoyed the Disney classics and a few Veggie Tales' songs. Then the most horrendous thing happened: Alvin and the Chipmunks came on. They were singing: ALL THE SMALL THINGS by Blink 182. I am not Blink 182's biggest fan. I'm not even a fan. I'm not even willing to listen to Blink 182.

I also talked to my brother, Aaron the music guy, about good kid's music last week. He brought up Johnny Cash's kid's album with The Dinosaur Song. What a fun kid's CD- it's quality. I love Mr. Cash and for him to be singing about dinosaurs to my 3 year old, it makes my day!

I used some Amazon gift card $ from Swagbucks to buy music for the kids. I got the Johnny Cash album and a few Rockabye Baby rendition songs:

-Kashmir by Led Zeppelin (most epic song opening, even in lullaby form)

- Enter Sandman by Metallica (Metallica isn't really my cup of tea, but how could I resist buying this song to help put my children to sleep?)

-Come as You Are by Nirvana (for the nights they wear their flannel jammies to sleep)

-Wish you were Here by Pink Floyd (I just ♥ this song)

-You're my Best Friend by Queen (We played this song at our wedding)

What good kid's music do you like?? Any hints?

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Shelly said...

Thanks for the advice. I'll have to look into this album! We're not much into kids music either. Norah likes Ben Folds. I listened to him a lot when I was preggers.