Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sad day.

Almost a whole week without blogging. Sorry all 5 people reading my blog. I've had a crazy week that started with a visit from the Baird family and a trip to Disneyland. We had a blast (as always) and enjoyed the overly full park to our heart's content. We also enjoyed saving money by not eating at any Disney-related restaurant. We packed lunch and then brought Del Taco in from the outside world. We ate in a little corner of Disneyland that is perfect for relaxing and letting kids run amok, Carnation Plaza. The kids have fun together and it's really sweet to watch Josiah and Micah become kid friends that have witty little conversations and how well they play together. They just get each other. That's not to say there's little tiffs here and there or that they don't annoy each other at times. But for 2 three-year old boys to play together as well as they do, I'm blown away. They see each other a few times a year and they just pick up where they left off. It's very, very sweet. Seth and Mae are still betrothed to one another and I'm very much for pre-arranged marriage. Mae is much more touchy feely with Seth (including the shoving and smacking) where Seth would prefer her to leave him alone most of the time. Mae likes to hug him, stand next to him and even attempted hand holding. No go. Seth does enjoy yelling "MY MAE MAE!" at her. So that's a good start. They are going to have an awesome wedding.

The downside to the Baird's visit was that Cam was out of town. He was at a nerd conference about nerd things. Computers. He even got a nerd shirt with a Windows logo on it. I find this funny because Cameron would have been there with his Apple computer and iPhone. In your face, Microsoft!  Thank God for the Bairds and their willingness to love my children as much as they do. They both have very long legs which makes for easier and more efficient kid chasing. I didn't feel so worn out by being the only Brewer parent.

I was glad to be reunited last night with my hubby. I'll spare you details, but it was really, really nice. ;)

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Nichole said...

Why haven't I read this yet? Ridiculous!

Thanks for sparing us the details, btw. :D