Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stupid Husbands.

I know this isn't the best video quality, but it gets the point across. Why are men portrayed as big idiots that us wives have to care for like children? All of this was sparked by a conversation I had with a single gal who wanted to pretend like I was treating my husband this way. She kept trying to say negative things about Cameron in a joking fashion. You know- because all men are idiots. I really don't say negative things about my husband to other women, I don't mock him. I really don't say negative things about him in front of other men. I'd rather build him up. Let everyone know what a good heart he has and that his level of wisdom far exceeds what he lets on. He's very quiet when you first meet him and he doesn't speak unless it's necesary. That doesn't sound to me like he's an idiot or forgetful. I don't have to spoon feed him.

Here's a little secret feminists don't want you to know: Both sexes are idiots. No one wins the idiot trophy. We crossed the line at the same time. Yes women, we're goofy, selfish and inept at certain things. Sound familiar? That's usually the role assigned to the hubby in media. As much as I love Homer J. Simpson he's the King of Idiot Dads on TV. Some of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons are when Marge screws up and Homer knows it.

Just because we have a politically correct world where women are "better" than men doesn't mean that we as Christian women should fall into that trap. We are both equals in God's eyes and we are both, male and female created in His image and we both managed to screw the pooch in the sin department. You know what the Bible says about a nagging woman?
9It is(A) better to live in a corner of the housetop
than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.

Proverbs 21:9

ZING. That sounds like a sitcom to me.

P.S. That would be a clip of the BRILLIANT Brian Regan. AMAZING. You should watch him. TAKE LUCK!

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Cameron Brewer said...

As husband and wife, were made to be side by side not one behind and the other in front. Feminism would disagree, Chauvinism would disagree, A Bible Believing Person would agree unless they have been led incorrectly which I find many have been led astray by the world... be in the world - have fun, but don't be of the world. Being of the world is just making an ass of yourself.