Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free Shopping trip.

I haven't posted a coupon/savings blog in awhile. So, I thought I would post one today about my "FREE SHOPPING SPREE".

I went to 3 stores (I went to Vons to get eggs, but that doesn't count- I did pay only .59¢ for them, though): Target, CVS & Wal-Mart. They are all on the same street so I used hardly any gas.

Wal-Mart was easy, I grabbed 6 cans of Mighty Dog food for .57¢/each. I had a save $3.00/5 coupon plus a free can coupon. I also grabbed a little nail sticker kit which I think will be cute for a birthday present for a girl. It was $1.87, I had a $2.00/1 Kiss Nail Product. My subtotal was -.28¢, but I live in Sunny California and pay for it, so with tax my total was .18¢. The cashier was impressed and asked how I knew how to shop like that. I of course let her know about Hip2Save!

Target was a bit more because it was a lot of adjusting down the prices. The manager that came over to help was a bit of a booger, but when I let her know that I knew what I was doing, she finished the transaction. I think she was looking for a reason not to take my coupons, first she tried to tell me the coupons were one per purchase, I explained that a purchase was an item, not the whole transaction. She was a bit surprised my erudite couponing.. ;) Then she tried to tell me she couldn't have the total be $0 because it wasn't allowed. I said "Don't worry. I'll get taxed for the whole transaction before coupons." She looked at me suspiciously, she was probably thinking "WHO IS THIS GREAT COUPON GURU WHO STANDS BEFORE ME?" She tried to argue with me, but when she did the transaction, I was right. I owed them $1.45 in tax. I thanked her when it was all over, keeping my calm and sweet demeanor. I told her- "You should try coupon shopping. It's worth it!" I walk out of the Target triumphant with my bag of free goodies. Here's what I got:

-8 Tide 2x detergent from the Trial size section. I had lots of Tide $1.00 coupons and they are .97 each. I've used these for vacations or for the manna ministry at church.

-1 Johnson's Buddies soap bar, .97¢, I had a $1.00/1 Johnson's Product

-4 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, .97¢ each, I had  2 $2.50/2 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste coupons.

-Clean & Clear Morning burst, .97¢, I had a $1/1 Clean & Clear product.

- Motrin PM, $3.99, I had a $3.00 Manufacturers coupon & a $1 Target coupon. FREE DRUGS!! ;)

CVS was quick and painless, I got 2 NYC Nail polishes that were BOGO Free and I had a BOGO free coupon. Two free nail colors for birthday presents or something. :)

All in all I paid $1.72 in tax. Not bad for presents & useful items. Can I just say I love shopping for free?? :)

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Nichole said...

You have achieved Jedi status! :)