Monday, April 19, 2010

Vegas. Without the fear & loathing.

I usually have no reason to visit that great oasis of the Nevada desert. Oh, but I had the best reason this weekend. I finally got to see Them Crooked Vultures. Not only did Cam & get to see them, we were in the 2nd row on the floor. I was 8 feet away from John Paul Jones playing all sorts of crazy instruments. I was also really close to Josh Homme singing- I know he does it for some of the ladies, not so much me. He did amuse me with his cheesy Las Vegas performer singing. The gloves and cigarette lighting were a genius piece of rock and roll bravado. I will give him that. Most importantly, I was so stinkin' close to a certain drummer. Holy Moly. Them poor drums. Snot beaten out of them. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this was the best show I've been to. Ever. I was even standing next to a girl who kept trying to creep her way in front of me. I gave her the evil eye. Especially after she was a jerk about Dave. I also got body slammed by a drunk idiot trying to mosh/get in front. My husband pushed him off of me, twice. I got crazy and yelled at him while shoving him and said "GET OFF OF ME. NOW." No one was ruining my concert. I wonder if drunk guy would be ashamed knowing that I was a Mom/Sunday School teacher/cat lady and I shoved him off of me at a rock show? Booya.

Here's a bit of a highlight: I saw Dave before the show. I turned into a 12 year old Jonas Brothers fan and squealed "It's Dave. Dave Grohl". I then hit my husband in his ribcage. We followed him out into the casino, expecting pandemonium. I mean the guy walked out of a door at the Hard Rock Hotel bearing his image and likeness. Nothing. No one yelled "HOLY CRUD! It's DAVE!" I think it's because he's so slight. He's not terribly noticeable in Vegas. I noticed him though. Nothing came of the following, he went into a restaurant. I was just stoked to see him. Did I mention I'm 12?

We got into the show and were about 3rd row in on the floor. For some reason all the abnormally tall people took the front. Whatever. I will stand on my tip toes for 2 hours to see Dave. I stood in one spot for 6 hours, while pregnant to watch Foo Fighters play at the Grammys. By the time the show started, I had wiggled to 2nd row. Not in a shady way either. It just happened. I will call it God's providence. I stood next to a guy who had clearly seen Led Zeppelin in his younger years. He took about 500 pictures of JPJ. He also had brought binoculars if he had been further back. When I told him he wouldn't need them he smiled and said "I'll be able to see the serial number on his bass." At one point he gave John Paul Jones a thumbs up and Mr. Jones winked at him. That's how close we were. That's how cool JPJ is.

I was a child when Nirvana was around. I wasn't really into them as a 10 year old. Nonetheless, I've wanted to see Dave drum for a long time. I guess it was one of those "bucket list" items. I have seen so many videos of him playing drums, but to be there, to watch in person. Whoa. I couldn't believe how he kept it up for 2 hours. I also was quite entranced by him tying his shoe. I find odd things enthralling (some might say Dave in general is one of those things). Here's my whole concert experience:
There's John Paul Jones. Holy crap. He's playing a mandolin. Watch his fingers. Can you believe you're watching him play?

Oh, wait. There's Dave. He's drumming. Singing. Ohh... his hair is swinging around. Can you believe you're watching him play?

Back and forth. Between Dave & John for the 2 hours they played. I did watch Josh Homme and bald guy for awhile. Not really the focus, for me. ;)

I was front and center for John Paul Jones piano solo. Just watching his feet move on the pedals was fantastic. My brother had told me before the show to "just watch his hands when he plays". So I did. I could not believe the agility.

By the end of the concert, my feet felt like bricks, my back felt like my vertebrae had melded into one solid piece of bone, I looked like I had two black eyes, and I smelled like a locker room. I was happy as a clam.

I have to add this little note: I'm really glad that my husband and I are into the same things. I love that we can both go to a show and dig the heck out of it, and then talk about it the rest of the next day. While we were in line there were 3 women in front of me and they had left their husbands at home to come to the show. Cameron was not in line at the time and they asked who I was there with and I said "My husband." They looked a little shocked. That's right ladies. I like my husband, he likes me and we like the same music. He also will take shots to the ribcage when I see Dave Grohl... he's a good man.

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