Saturday, May 08, 2010

Target shopping.

My husband got my blog back up. He's a computer magician & through the miracle of internet/Tron, I have my blog back. I did have a little "in the mean time" blog at Wordpress.

To celebrate my return from whence I came (it's from Arrested Development), I thought I would post a little shopping trip I did last night at Target.

I had a $20 gift card and wanted to see how far I could stretch it. Here's what I did:

That's $43.00 worth of groceries that I got for $19.53 ($16.95 before tax).  These are all items that we need or will need in the future. Here's what I paid for everything

-Johnson & Johnson baby lotion for .54¢

-Aveeno Baby lotion for $2.47

-Women's One a Day vitamins for .99¢

-Palmolive Pure & Clear Dish Soap for .74¢

-Satin Gel Shaving Gel for .44¢

-Ziploc storage containers for $1.02/each

-Revlon Emery boards for $1.19 (I realized she didn't take the other coupon to make it .19 cents. I'll take these back I think.)

-Seventh Generation Cleaner for .99¢

-Starbucks Via Readybrew for $1.50

-Meow Mix for $1.94

-BIC Pens for .02¢

-Tidy Cats for .77¢

-Light bulbs (I grabbed the wrong ones, they should been free, but they rang up for $1.99)

- Cat Treats for .33¢/each

-Reynolds Foil for $1.75

-Mustard pack for .97¢

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Nichole said...

I hate when I mess up. I'm glad you're smarter than me and don't lose sleep over it. :)