Monday, June 14, 2010

The Big Donut.

Our weekend did not go as planned. Cameron was suppose to hike all weekend and come back on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday afternoon I got a phone call from him (it scared me a little) saying they couldn't keep going, there was too much snow. My Dad was gracious enough to drive up to Angelus Oaks and recover Cameron and Jeremy (and Emmerson the dog).

Cameron decided to go polar opposite of seclusion in nature and Sunday morning we went to Los Angeles. We got to church for their 12 o'clock service. That, to me, is brilliant. If your church is comprised of mostly young, single people who live in a big city, you probably should have an afternoon service. We dropped the kids off and went to service. I attempted to take notes on my iPhone after realizing that I had no paper to write on. If you have ever sat through a church service, class, or anything with me where someone is talking, you know I take notes like crazy. It's how I pay attention. I really needed to pay attention to this service, too. There were bits in there about Leviticus, sacrifices, the categories of animal sacrifices, God's atonement, etc.  Pretty cerebral/theological/note worthy sermon. You can listen to other sermons from Reality LA here.

We ate at Poquito Mas which is delicious Baja taco stand heaven located in Burbank. It was a bitter sweet visit, only a short year ago we ate there after seeing one of Conan's first tapings of THE TONIGHT SHOW. My ahi ahi taco just wasn't as sweet this time...

Since we can't just go to LA and come back, I talked my husband into driving me to The Standard Hotel. It was on the way to the giant donut, so really I was quite justified in wanting to go. **Read that last sentence again. It really makes you think about my sanity and whether or not I'm Homer Simpson** If you don't know, that's where parts of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang were filmed. I stopped by to see if Batman & Iron Man were hanging around. They weren't. I took some pictures. Sent them to my Mom. Zing.

Next we were off to the big donut. The big donut (AKA Randy's Donuts) is nowhere near other iconic things in Los Angeles. If you were to believe movies, it's next to the Staples center, down the street from the Kodak theater and underneath the Hollywood sign. Josiah was thrilled with the donut. He kissed me several times once he woke up and saw it. He wasn't even disappointed that Iron Man wasn't sitting in it. It took us 20 minutes to get 2 donuts. There were two women working & only one of them was serving donuts, the other one was making them. This was quite the rag-tag operation. It works for them, obviously. They have 2 drive up windows and a walk up. The lines at each of the windows was fairly epic. Not Pink's Hot Dogs epic, but close.  Here's another movie shock- you cannot sit down inside of Randy's donuts. That whole Nicky Fury/Natasha Romanoff/Tony Stark meeting did not go down there. Personally, I find it sad. You, personally, might find it sad that the most unrealistic part of a superhero movie to me is that you can't dine in at Randy's donuts.

Once again we had a fun LA adventure. It's pretty swell to live so close.


Bonni said...

Aww Leigh, I love reading your entries! There's such a love for your family evident in them...

Gerry and I went up to Reality LA a few weeks ago to meet a friend, and found it theological, intelligent, relevant, worshipful, praiseworthy. Such a treat. :-D

Leigh B. said...

Thanks Bonni! :) You're sweet.
Next time you guys go, let us know. We've gone a few times. We love it.